Anna German was born on 14 February 1936 in Urgench, Uzbekistan. Ten years later she moved with her mother and grandmother to Poland. After college, she studied geology in Wrocław, which she graduated with the best results. In parallel to her studies, she stayed faithful to her greatest hobby since childhood: music and singing. Therefore, Anna joined the theatre "Kalambur", where she could actively practice and develop her talents. This was the first step to her big career as a singer. She took part in many famous Polish festivals like Sopot and Opole and was fascinating the public with her beautiful, strong, vibrating voice and also with her unique appearance. Her songs "Zakwitnę różą", "Człowieczy los", "Bal u Posejdona" and "Tańczące Eurydyki" became hits awarded with the highest prizes. Anna was singing in Polish, Russian, English, Italian, Spanish, Latin and German such famous songs like: "La mamma" of Charles Aznavour and "Ave Maria" of Charles Gounod. She created her own, very special lyrical style.
In the Soviet Union, now in Russia and other post Soviet republics, she was beloved and became very famous. For very many fans she is still alive in such beautiful songs of the Russian composers like: "Nadiezda", "Iz-za ostrowa na striezen" and "Odin wychozu na dorogu". It was almost impossible to get the tickets for her concerts, usually sold out long before.

Anna´s unique voice and way of interpretation led her to sunny Italy where she used to sing the traditional Italian songs of Naples. The song "Gi" in San Remo brought her success also in the West. Unfortunately her very promising career was interrupted by a car accident which disabled her for two years. After rehabilitation in Italy and Poland she returned to her public and her fans. She began to compose her own songs like "Człowieczy los", "Feralna dziewczyna" and many many more ... Some of her songs were dedicated to her son Zbyszek "Melodia dla synka" and her mother "Dziękuję ci mamo", "La mamma". We can als admire her in the opera of Domenico Scarlatti "Tetide in Sciro" which Anna sang with success. It was her first step in opera and also her pride. Anna can be also seen in some smaller film roles such as in Andrzej Wajdas "Landscape after battle". More about Anna we can find in her biographical book "Wróć do Sorrento?..." (Come back to Sorrento ...?) where she humorously describes her visit to Italy.

In 1972 she married her long lasting love Zbigniew and three years later she gave birth to her son Zbigniew. Unfortunately her happiness did not last long. Seriously ill, she took her last journey to a concert in Australia. In the last years of her life she still composed some church songs. Anna passed away in 1982 being only 46. Her husband Zbyszek and her mother take care of Anna´s artistic heritage, keep in touch with her old and young fans, who will certainly never forget this beautiful woman, singer and human being ...

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