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In 2012 a new TV series about Anna German was created in Russia and is currently broadcasted by polish state television TVP. The series can be watched online on YouTube in Russian and on video on demand service at the website of TVP.

TVP (Polish): serie on TVP1
YouTube (Russian): youtube

March 6, 2013 Diamont Voice Foundation has organised a junior competition for children. Children sang Anna German songs. More information you can get on this side:

Official side about the junior competion (in English)

And the finally information you can get also on this side:

Muzyka Rosyjska - Mlodzierz spiewa piosenki Anny German (pol and ru)

For more information about the junior competition you can find on facebook:

Fundacja Diamentowy Glos na facebooku (in Polish)

March 5, 2013
Added a new book "Anna German o sobie" in Polish and a new biography CD with music

November 26, 2010 added a new book pulished this year about Anna German and added also photos of the Anna German steet in Urgench

July 26, 2009
you can find rare songs of Anna at this link:

October 19, 2008
On the Polish TV programm TVP Kultura at 14.05 you can see a biographical TV Show about Anna German with a following minirecital from the year 1970.
October 20, 2008 you can see a replay of this TV Show.
Watch TVP Kultura!

October 15, 2008
A new unique cover of a Polish newspaper "Zwierciadło" has been added, which was send by a Fan of Anna, Katarzyna G. You can find it in "Press".
By the way: I have added some Blogs about Anna in "Links"

July 30, 2008

We have made a move from the old site annagerman.com to the new one anna-german.com ...
We apologize for the long absence on this site.
Additionally you can find in "Books" a new book "Tancząca Eurydyka" by Mariola Pryzwan, which you can order in "Shop" ...
You can find also a new CD "Romantica" added to "Albums"

A new article in the newspaper "Zycie na Goraca" has been also added to the "Press" ...

June 22, 2008
Housekeeping on the site... August 30, 2006 Some portraits by Stanisław Sadowski who lives in California have been added to "Dedications" ...

March 3, 2006
Unique cassettes added to "Albums (MC)" with some more unknown songs ...

August 30, 2005
A new articles in Polish and a book of Anna´s friend Jan Nagrabiecki were added ...

Juli 17, 2005
A new article from the Polish magazine "Życie na gorąco" was added to "Press" ...

April 22, 2005
A second lyric "Dziękuję Anno (Thank you Anna)" added to "Dedications" by Fan Grażyna ...

April 16, 2005
A new lyric "Największa" by Anna´s youngest fan - the 16 year old Marta added in "Dedications" and the lyric of the song "Dziękuję ci moje serce" in "Albums" ...
Additionally you can see a nice photo of Anna in "Portraits"...

A memorian concert of Anna German will be taking place on March 05, 2005 in Moscow ...
March 05, 2005 at 18 o´clock
(Memorial evening concert of Anna German)

balet "AVANGARD"

tel: (095) 201-45-55

February 05, 2005, new photos were added to the link "portraits and concerts". Additionally a new link "LP" was created and in the link "CD" you can see some new plates ...

February 02, 2005
, the Russian label "Kvadro Disk" has released a new Anna German CD called "Echo Milosci". The CD with a live concert of Anna German recorded 1979 in Leningrad is really unique. It's not a simple replication of the LP "Echo Milosci", because you can find on it interesting bonus tracks like a nearly unknown song called "Jesienna rozlaka" (J.Gert - B.Brok) and a telephone call with Anna German recorded by a radio station in Moscow. For more Information please visit: www.kvadro.ru

January 02, 2005
, a Russian lyric by Anna´s fan Valerie ("dedications") and a calender for 05 ("wallpaper") added ...

September 05, 2004
, Anna´s new portraits were added to photos and an article.

September 02, 2004
, new CD - Człowieczy los has been added to albums.

August 25, 2004, marks the 22th anniversary of the death of our beloved Anna.

Laureates of three editions of the festival Tańczące Eurydyki performed on
20 july
in Witebsk ( White Russia). Most of them recieved flowers and fruits for welcome...
you can find more information on the Zielona Góra amfitheatre website

September 01, 2004
New layout launched!

Some Polish articles updated ...
New photos ...

Lyrics of some songs added ...
And three russian CD´s with postcards added ...